"Me And My Girl" Cast Announced

Wednesday 3rd November 2004 at 12:00 PM

Following recently held auditions and workshops, a partial cast list has been announced by the production team for the 2005 production of "Me And My Girl". The list is as follows:

Bill Snibson:Daniel Doherty
Sally Smith:T.B.A.
Lady Jacqueline Carstone:Maria Heavey
The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke:Gerry Miley
Lord Battersby:Micheal Kelly
Lady Battersby:Frances Cooke
Herbert Parchester:David Cooke
Sir Jasper Tring:John Callaghan
Maria, Duchess Of Dene:Caroline Madigan
Sir John Tremayne:Adrian Murray
Charles Heathersett, The ButlerChris Duffy