Mock Wedding A Resounding Success

Monday 8th October 2007 at 11:00 AM

The society's Mock Wedding, which was held on Friday night last, 5th October, proved to be a great success, with some very positive feedback being received by the society from those who supported the event on the night. Congratulations must go to those who planned and organised this event, which was a new departure for the society. Their hard work and obvious dedication was clear for all to see on the night.

Also, the cast and creative crew must be commended for the hours of rehearsals which were required to make the event a success - I'm sure "Pat" and "Danny-eile" really appreciated it!!!! Thanks also to all those who provided any prizes, props, costumes, ponies, traps, strawboys, food or other services on the night.

A special word of thanks must go to the McDonagh family for their hospitality during our (over-extended!!) use of the The Stagger Inn on the night.

Finally, the society wishes to thank our loyal supporters who, yet again, came out in great numbers to give their financial backing to the society. Without this support, the society simply could not exist. We sincerely hope that you got value for your money on the night.

Hopefully the "Happy couple" are enjoying their honeymoon in some exotic location, although somehow, I doubt it!!!!