"Guys and Dolls" - Workshop & Auditions

Monday 24th August 2015 at 2:53 PM

Its that time of year again - Summer is nearly over (what Summer?!?!?!), schools are about to start up again and the Musical Society is finalising plans for the new season!

Castlerea M.S. will present "Guys and Dolls" in The Hub, Castlerea in February 2016. To get the ball rolling, there will be two events:

1. Dancing & Singing Workshop

This will take place on Sunday 6th September at 6pm (venue t.b.c.) and will be lead by our Choreographer Trisha Mc Dermott and our Musical Director Shane Farrell. Trisha and Shane will take you through some of the music and moves that will tackled over the Winter as we prepare for "Guys and Dolls". The workshop will be a very relaxed, simple introduction to the new season and is open to ALL who are interested. If you have a friend who "Might" like to get involved, or you yourself "Think" you might be interested - this is your chance! All new members will be most welcome (even some existing members would be welcome back!!!).

2. "Guys and Dolls" Auditions

A week after the workshop, on Sunday the 13th September at 2pm (venue t.b.c.), there will auditions for all looking to take part in the show. Trisha and Shane will be joined by our Director Colin Hughes to complete the production team for audition day.

Again, new members are more than welcome to join us for auditions. The production team do ask that everyone auditions, even if you have no interest in being cast in a named part in the show - they just need to get an idea of who's involved and what sort of singing ranges are available, so please don't panic!

Full script and vocal score for the show, along with ALL AUDITION INFORMATION & PIECES can be found at http://www.castlereamusicalsociety.com/guysanddolls/ (its behind a password to protect copyrights). Please contact me by text (number is on that web page) or private message if you don't already have the password - I'll get it to you asap.

You can find the music of the show on YouTube, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORO4UMXIDbk&list=PLhx4kkq5oWq_bfSJybmP2BlcuVjTHK4Su

And that's it!

If anyone has any questions or queries, just ask!