Society A.G.M. 2018

Monday 28th May 2018 at 11:35 AM

The Society's annual general meeting for 2018 was held on Friday 25th May in the Ashlawn Centre, Castlerea. The meeting was reasonably well attended, with some interesting discussion taking place on the night.

Long-standing Society member, Angela Webb, stood down from the role of President following 11 years in the position. The role of President has now been taken up by Christy Glynn, another long-standing member of the Society. The Society also has a new Chairperson, with Julie Mannion taking the position. Her position as Secretary has been taken by Mary Heaney.

The following were elected to committee positions for the coming year:

President: Christy Glynn
Chairperson: Julie Mannion
Vice-Chairperson: Mary Reilly
Secretary: Mary Heaney
Treasurer: Connie Gannon
P.R.O.: Janet Feeney
  Anthony Flanagan
  Margaret Goodwin
  Pat McDonnell
  Joey O'Flanagan
  Edel Walshe
  Angela Webb
Stage Manager: Noel Kelly


The following were elected to the selection committee for the 2020 show: Derval Flynn, Mary Heaney, Niall Heaney & Jackie Kenny. The Society's AIMS representatives for the 2018/2019 season are Anthony Flanagan, Mary Heaney & Julie Mannion.

The biggest announcement of the night was that of the show choice for 2019, which was revealed to be Jesus Christ Superstar - the announcement was very well received by those in attendance.

The new Chairperson, Julie Mannion, thanked all for attending, before closing the meeting.