Society A.G.M. 2021 Held Recently

Sunday 11th April 2021 at 8:40 PM

The Society A.G.M. for 2021 was held on Monday 22nd March. Given the current pandemic, the meeting was held virtually, and great credit must go to all involved for ensuring that the meeting could take place at all, but especially to have the meeting pass off with nothing more than a couple of minor technical hiccups.

Of course, the Society's activities have been completely derailed since the covid-enforced postponement of our production of The Addams Family in March of last year. Given that the coming months are also so uncertain in terms of social and entertainment activities, planning for any event into the future is almost impossible. Both of these factors limited the functionality of the A.G.M. to the bare essentials of Society business. But the meeting was well attended, with everyone involved feeling positive about having a "normal" event to attend, even if the virtual attendance made it anything but normal.

The following committee and officers were elected for the year ahead:

President: Christy Glynn
Chairperson: Julie Mannion
Vice-Chairperson: Mary Reilly
Secretary: Mary Heaney
Treasurer: Connie Gannon
P.R.O.: Cathy O'Flanagan (assisted on Social Media by Niall Heaney, and with Newspapers & Radio by Pat McDonnell)

Angela Webb
Clare Kelly
Pauline Glynn
Yvonne Hanbury
Susan Gaynor

Stage Manager: Noel Kelly
Wardrobe: Pauline Glynn
Front of House: Clare Kelly

A.I.M.S. Representatives:

Mary Heaney
Julie Mannion
Connie Gannon

Show selection Committee:

Christy Glynn
Julie Mannion
Niall Heaney
Jackie Kenny
Clare Kelly
Mary Heaney

Julie Mannion, our chairperson, closed the meeting by thanking all for their virtual attendance, and by extending everyone's wishes to see us back doing what we love doing as soon as possible.